Will proves his worth

Radio Times: The shoot goes with a bang.

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  • It’s the day of the big shoot, and Will is very anxious that everything should go well. Clarrie and Emma are all ready for their picking-up role, but something is missing – Matt.
  • The reason for Matt’s failure to show up soon becomes clear. He’s brought a carful of his possessions, inclusing his computer, to Lilian’s. Even the sight of Lilian in her new designer swimsuit fails to cheer Matt; he’s convinced that Yvette has accessed his files, and knows what his real financial position is.
  • The shoot has gone very well, and Brian tells Will how delighted he is – he’s pleased that Matt hasn’t arrived, but less pleased that he’s been left to make small talk to Matt’s business associates. The guests have had a whip-round for Will, and he’s £2000 better off as a result.
  • Even the prospect of a liquid lunch with Lilian fails to improve Matt’s mood. His solicitor thinks a 50/50 split is the best Matt will get, and he’s got to stay in the matrimonial home or Yvette will cite desertion as grounds for the divorce..
  • Back at the cottage, an exhausted Will falls asleep, but is roused by a visit from George. Knowing how busy Will is, he’s taken the nameplate home and carved Casa Nueva on it. Will’s speechless, and Emma is delighted – everything’s just perfect, she says.

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