The cast begins to rebel

Radio Times: Emma steps into the breach.

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  • Rehearsals for A Christmas Carol are in full swing, but the cast are distinctly fed up with Lynda. Having ordered them all to switch off their mobiles, she proceeds to take two calls on hers, and then to have a discussion about the Cat and Fiddle project with Alan.
  • Knowing he put his foot in it big time with Emma, Will stops off to buy her some flowers. Her icy front soon melts, and she says she knows it was just because he’s so stressed over the shoot – but she does expect respect from him, and the choice of whether or not to go back to work after the baby must be hers alone. Will agrees.
  • Joe is told to ‘radiate’ as he rehearse Scrooge’s final scene. Jamie wants to know what he’s meant to be radiating. The increasingly rebellious cast encourage Jamie to stand up to Lynda. It’s clear that Jamie will be the star of the show.
  • Will’s desperate; two pickers-up have cried off at the last minute. Eventually Betty agrees to do it – and Emma tells him she’ll help, too. What about her work at Jaxx, asks Will. Emma thinks Kenton has put upon her enough times; this time she’ll put upon him. Oh, says Will, I do love you, Em. Aaa.
  • Kathy and Ruth feel invisible at the rehearsal, and the children are bored silly. Ruth confides to Kathy that she’s worried about Pip, who hasn’t settled at Borchester Green. Kathy tells her that she’s worried about Jamie, who’s suffering from Kenton riding roughshod over them both. Ruth tries to sign Kathy up for the sponsored swim, but, of course, the whole effort is immediately hijacked by Lynda, who not only offers to swim, but wants to know when training will start.

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