Will jumps to conclusions.

Radio Times: An uncomfortable night at Casa Nueva.

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  • Stress is running high as Will makes final arrangements for the big shoot, and tries to make time for Emma, too. She’s busy cooking a meal for Kirsty and Tom, though, so doesn’t mind Will working late.
  • Stress is in the air at Kathy’s, too, when Meriel ruins Jamie’s school project. Despite Kathy’s best efforts to restore it, Jamie’s not having it; he wants to go and live with Sid at the Bull until Meriel goes back to her mother.
  • With his usual tunnel vision, Tom is full of the success of his sausage business. When Emma suggests that Neil and Susan might not exactly share his enthusiasm, Tom can’t believe it. Then Will puts his foot in it; he says Emma will be a full-time mum once the baby is born, but doesn’t seem to have discussed this with Emma, who has decided to go back to work full-time. Yet more stress is in the air, and when Tom and Kirsty have a big row about Tom’s sausage obsession, the atmosphere is electric.

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