Tom’s business forges ahead.

Radio Times: Bert shows his mystic side.

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  • Tom is delighted at the success of his sausage business; the supermarket has upped its order and intends to market his products all over the country. Susan doesn’t seem quite so enthralled at the prospect of even more sausage production. It’s not quite the glitzy career she has in mind. Maybe she’ll have to lower her sights.
  • David is feeling the strain, and Ruth is off to her Breast Care coffee morning. But at least Bert is there to offer advice and old wives’ tales. In fact he offers to charm warts off a cow’s teats. David finds it hard to keep a straight face.
  • Neil doesn’t share Tom’s excitement either – he’s got more than enough to do with the house build. His temporary office is too cold to work in, and he’s anxious to get the house finished by February.
  • When Ruth gets back, she announces that she’s going to do a sponsored swim. David thinks she’s doing too much, but Ruth’s determined; she’s going to do it because she’s so grateful for her health.

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