Kenton proves his lack of responsible parenting

Radio Times: Matt gets a big fright.

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  • Brian calls in at Lilian’s to pick up some photos for Peggy’s birthday album in honour, and catches his sister-in-law removing the last traces of her of Dead Sea mud face mask. When matt arrives early, Brian is told to keep him talking so that Lilian can finish off her beauty routine. Brian seizes the chance to remind Matt how very expensive his divorce is likely to be, and to make remarkably unconvincing sympathy noises. When Lilian eventually does appear, matt can think of one thing only; hiring the best divorce solicitor money can buy.
  • As it’s Hallowe’en, Kenton is indulging Jamie, Daniel and Meriel in a Trick or Treat routine. After Daniel’s accident with the bonfire wood, Shula is determined to keep an eye on the children. She becomes more and more irritated with her twin’s behaviour, and after some self-righteous remarks about too many sweets spoiling Daniel’s tea and his need for an early night before school tomorrow, she eventually takes a frightened and tired Meriel back to Kathy’s. Kenton, meanwhile, helps the boys to put a werewolf mask on one of Derek Fletcher’s gnomes.
  • Shula is clearly not the only one whose patience with Kenton is wearing thin. As she tells her parents, Kathy is worn out, and Kenton isn’t pulling his weight with the childcare. He’s Mr Entertainment, but does nothing practical. Jill tries to defend Kenton, but it all sounds rather lame.

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