15 of the Brookfield cows have mastitis. Nigel is still tracking down his Great Uncle Rupert

Radio Times: Nigel investigates the family tree.

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  • Fifteen of the Brookfield cows have got mastitis from the raised cell count. Bert was off for another trip to Lower Loxley but he comes to the rescue and stays to help with the cows instead. Bert is looking forward to starting at Lower Loxley but he had been hoping to start on the guiding.
  • Nigel is still on the hunt for Great Uncle Rupert and thinks Cousin Lucille in Canada might be the answer. He is still very curious that Uncle Rupert is a decade older than he thought. Were has the lost decade gone? He finds her address at least so now he can write.
  • Jill offers to help out with making the cow costumes for the Fun Race on May Day. But she’s more worried being summoned to see Lynda. That is never good news.

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