Lynda is thinking about running a b&b at Ambridge Hall

Radio Times: Lynda considers a new direction.

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  • Lynda is trying to drum up support for the Churchyard restoration. But it turns out that what Lynda wanted to talk about was running a b&b at Ambridge Hall. She thinks it might be an ideal plan but Jill isn’t sure she will manage with a full time job. And there is a lot to think about around children and health & safety etc. But Jill might even have some names she could pass on.
  • Eddie is still busily practising his cries for the contest tomorrow. He should have some support at least. William and George will be there. Looks like Ed might not be.
  • Bert’s first day as a room steward causes a bit of a bottleneck with his stories about the hall.
  • Fallon is getting fed up with the amount of time Kev is spending on the cricket. Sid doesn’t think she should take it personally but she doesn’t see how she can’t!

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