Eddie loses out to Larry Lovell in the Town Crier competition. And it makes Jennifer realise the Grundys have something special as a family.

Radio Times: Eddie warms up his vocal chords.

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  • Adam seems to be coming round to the contractors – if they are going to have them they may as well have the best. He also tries to convince Jennifer not to get her hopes about Niamh but she doesn’t want to talk about it. They just have to wait.
  • Fallon is still sulking about not seeing Kev. Ed tries to cheer her up. But he ends up getting persuaded to go to the Town Crier finals – if only to snigger at Larry Lovell. Jolene tries to persuade Fallon to give Kev the time of his life. That will take his mind off cricket.
  • Eddie and Clarrie are thrilled Ed turned up – and even more pleased that he heard Eddie cry – even if it was from the car park. But it didn’t help. Larry Lovell’s singing won him the competition. Everyone tries to convince him that he can still be Ambridge’s Town Crier but he’s a bit disappointed.
  • Sid sees the Kev/Fallon relationship from a different point of view. He doesn’t want Kev nagged at by Fallon and he doesn’t want him too happy and losing his edge. Jolene demonstrates how you can be happy without losing your focus…..

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