A chat with Phil encourages Ruth to think further about the co-op.

Radio Times: Satya offers her own brand of support.

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  • Alistair has had another look at Chandler and the prognosis is not good. Adam is apologetic about his performance in the cricket but next week’s match with Darrington is the really important one – nets tonight! Debbie could use some help today; Adam had other plans but agrees to roll (over!) for his sister.
  • No sooner has Usha arranged an evening at Brookfield than Auntie Satya arrives – to chastise her niece for ending her relationship. Usha explains, and then defends Ashok’s affinity for India as more than a whim.
  • As Phil mows the lawn at Brookfield, Ruth asks his opinion about the co-op dilemma. He stops short of saying what he would do, but he does give Ruth food for thought about ditching the co-op.
  • Adam having helped Debbie, he feels comfortable about asking for her help with the deer. She will oblige but not tomorrow. She cannot resist the opportunity to tease him about his motives for undertaking the management course that he will start soon.
  • As Ruth prepares to feed her curry to Usha and Satya (brave!), Alistair calls for a quiet word with David. He knows where the gnome is: Lucky is in Darrington’s store, which is a garage. David confirms that he is willing to go on a raid to rescue the gnome but he is a little worried about how they will get into the garage; it will surely be locked.

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