Things go bump in the night – and Lucky is rescued.

Radio Times: The rescue mission is launched.

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  • With a big cricket match looming, nets did not go well. Tom was not there – attending to matters sausage. Alistair and David shot off pretty quickly. They are in fact donning dark clothes and meeting up with Jazzer (experienced in the art of breaking into garages).
  • At Bridge Farm, Pat’s early night has done her no good at all: she cannot sleep. No prizes for guessing what she is worrying about. This evening, if Pat has entered a room, Helen has left it. There has been no word from the hospital, unless of course Helen has quietly torn it up. They could check with the hospital but will she go anyway?
  • Number 47! It takes Jazzer no time at all to open the garage. Alistair will be very annoyed if this is a wind up; David is already annoyed to learn, at this point in the proceedings, that it might be a wind up. There’s Lucky, on a high shelf. Jazzer is dissuaded from stealing anything – old habits die hard. Their escape is necessarily hurried after kicking over a milk bottle and disturbing the resident dog.
  • Tony is concerned that Pat must look after herself: she cannot help Helen if she has made herself ill. Whatever it costs, they will pay it to get her through.
  • After all that trouble, and having paid Jazzer off, Lucky comes to a sticky end thanks to Alistair’s dog Scruff so …
  • … Eddie receives a very late caller: it’s Alistair, bearing another gnome (Lilian’s gift to Shula and Alistair) and requesting Eddie’s help.

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