There’s a further outbreak of sibling rivalry at Home Farm.

Radio Times: Adam gets ambitious.

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  • Three’s a crowd, especially when crammed into the Home Farm office. Adam presents his strawberry figures as very satisfactory but Debbie is quick to point out that, without the capital investment, the figures do not show the whole picture. And as for his plan to expand next year, that is a big risk. She thinks he is mean to have a swipe at her own investment decision to buy the cultivator drill. They’re just one big happy family.
  • Eddie returns “Lucky” to The Bull, although Jolene thinks there is something different about him – as well she might.
  • Tony has decided that he cannot, after all, take the time off to go fishing. However when Tom returns on a high from his meeting with the supermarket about nationwide expansion, he offers to help out and encourages his father to go with Mike.
  • Debbie is helping Adam with the deer but has her own ideas about how it should be done; she has, after all, done it before! Adam prefers his own way which proves embarrassingly imperfect.
  • Down by the Am, Tony relaxes and unburdens himself to Mike. Helen’s appointment has arrived but she is still adamant that she doesn’t need help. Even Mike can see that the opposite is the case. Tony is also worried about Pat and about his own ability to hold it all together. He has hardly talked to Tom and has no idea whether the expansion is wise. Mike counsels giving him his head and being happy for him. Heaven knows, Tony’s family needs a bit of happiness at the moment.

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