Flower and Produce Show fever hits Ambridge.

Radio Times: Lynda’s creativity is challenged.

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  • Calamity! Lynda’s scarecrow has been devastated by vandals. Bert suspects the llamas but of course they could not possibly have done it. Lynda is full of her Cat & Fiddle venture, which now has charitable status. (That was quick!)
  • Julia is looking forward to her role as judge of the gentlemen’s buttonhole competition on Sunday, in memory of Nelson. Needless to say the judging, the presentation and lunch with Lewis in between, will take all day.
  • Lynda has an opportunity for Peggy. With the resignation of Ashok there is a vacancy on her committee which Peggy is delighted to fill. Lynda is convinced that Ashok is retreating to India with a broken heart after being rejected by Usha – not, she believes, a very wise move by Usha!
  • Julia is attending to her latest batch of fan mail; Elizabeth rescues her efforts from near disaster – all the computer’s fault, of course. She has decided to write a regular newsletter and send it to all her fans. On her way back to Wolverhampton, Satya calls and asks after the twins; Julia makes it quite clear what she thinks of them going to the local Loxley Barratt primary school.
  • Peggy calls at Bridge Farm and finds Pat in tears; it all welled up inside. No need to explain why. Pat tells her about the clinic she and Tom visited and Peggy assures her that Helen could not have better parents. Pat asks her to pray for Helen – she is already.
  • Bert returns with more straw to help Lynda rebuild her masterpiece. No sooner have they finished than the llamas, who could not possibly have been the culprits last time, demonstrate their destructive capabilities.

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