Lucky seems to have lost his charm.

Radio Times: The new Lucky is put to the test.

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  • Owen doesn’t understand the importance of onions in the flower and produce show much to Bert’s disgust. George won’t be exhibiting this year after the fire. Bert thinks the judge will be on his side – until he finds out that the Borchester Echo judge has retired to spend more time with his marrows.
  • It’s the new Lucky’s first chance to show himself. No one noticed the difference. The team seems happy. The cricket game isn’t going well. They just can’t get their line. Ambridge is making it far too easy for them. So much for the new model Lucky. They will just have to face it – Lucky the gnome is no more.
  • Marjorie is impressed by the tour of the scarecrows with Alan – including the one from the Laurels with the zimmer frame. Marjorie thinks they might be in with a chance. Alan is explaining to her the Trust to refurbish the Cat and Fiddle. Good for Lynda, she’s running another Christmas show too.
  • Owen tries to convince Bert that the judge knows more than he looks. Bert is also suddenly impressed when he finds he has awarded him first prize – for onions, carrots and beetroots. Maybe the Committee will have him back next year. Owen’s sponge judging might leave something to be desired. Of course Phil should have won!
  • Alan reports back to Marjorie on the flower and produce. Josh and Phoebe got prizes but Lynda won the scarecrow prize – even though poor Robert had to suffer. But the Laurels were second. The Norah Batty stockings did the trick. It means so much to Marjorie. She can’t get into Ambridge as much as she likes but at least she can still play a part in village life.

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