Helen is still not accepting treatment for her eating disorder

Radio Times: Pat takes some deceptive action.

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  • It’s time for Helen’s hospital appointment. Helen finds answering the nurse’s questions difficult. The nurse wants her to maintain her weight at least – she seems to have been losing weight for a couple of years. Helen isn’t convinced but she has another appointment in a week’s time.
  • Jill has brought yet another birthday cake – for Josh this time. Phil made it this time after losing out to Robert at the show. They will be able to get in more local suppliers in time. Apparently the meeting with the Governors at Loxley Barrett went well. They will be able to change supplier and get more local produce
  • Helen won’t tell Pat how she got on. She had a terrible time and it was rubbish. The nurse wasn’t listening. She’s certainly not going again and she’s not going to talk about it. Pat realises Helen hasn’t made another appointment at the clinic – so she rings to do it on her behalf.
  • Pip enjoyed the French lesson at school. But she’s missing her old friends. Jill seems to know something is wrong and takes her off to help with the bees. Nothing yet. Ruth thinks she’s happy. Jill has now decided to take some of the farm garden off their hands – as a favour to Jill and Phil of course!

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