Helen is still refusing any help. She just wants everyone to leave her alone. Ashok finally leaves Usha and Ambridge.

Radio Times: Pat sees Helen’s dark side.

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  • Julia is expecting post to her new mail box – and faxes to the office – and leaving boxes of photos around the place. She wants Elizabeth to help with filing programmes and with scanning photos but she isn’t really interested in listening to what she needs to do. Elizabeth is finding it rather trying. But she is off to see Usha tonight.
  • Helen is furious that Pat has booked her a hospital appointment. How dare she! But Pat did it because Helen needs professional help. Pat tries to make Helen understand how she felt when she was depressed. But Helen says its not the same. She isn’t weak like Pat. Pat might not have been able to get over John’s death but Helen can. Tommy tries to stop her shouting at Pat but Helen is determined not to give in to Pat’s emotional blackmail. She just wants everyone else to stay out of her life.
  • Ashok says a final goodbye to Usha as he moves his things out of her cottage. They both have regrets. But his flight is booked for next week. Usha doesn’t even want him to call when he gets settled. Elizabeth tries to cheer Usha up after Ashok’s departure. At least Aunty Satya is sending Red Cross parcels of food to keep her going.
  • Helen gets a puncture on her way home. Tom turns up to help out. It gives Tommy a chance to tell her how worried Pat is about her. It was as if Helen had been possessed. Pat just doesn’t deserve that. But Helen just wants everyone to leave her alone.

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