Adam has been head hunted by Darrington, Brian has asked Debbie to help out with the deer while Adam is away, Fallon wants to revamp the Bull Upstairs

Radio Times: Fallon spots an opportunity.

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  • Adam needs Brian to help with the shoot of some deer or he will have to cancel his management course. Brian seems happy to help. In the meantime, Adam has to consider whether to play with Darrington next season rather than Ambridge.
  • Jolene is worrying about whether her eyes are looking tired. Maybe she should look younger. But Fallon is more interested in making the Bull Upstairs seem younger. Not a refit but newer bands with a unique selling point. Fallon thinks it would look great on her CV to organise it.
  • Neil’s house is coming along although the Church tug of war team isn’t doing so well. But he has a strategy which is more than Eddie has for the Pub team. The tricky thing is finding an impartial adjudicator. If Sam is going to pull on one of the teams, maybe he could also join the cricket team. They need some fresh blood. Fallon’s idea is for Oliver Sterling as adjudicator. That seems like a good plan.
  • Brian’s decided he won’t be able to help with the deer after all – not to worry, he’s asked Debbie to help out. Jennifer is worried about whether that is a good idea. It won’t be a very pleasant job for Debbie. But if Brian has two ambitious offspring on the farm, what is the point if he can’t leave the nasty jobs to them.

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