Ruth has decided it’s time to pull out of the milk co-operative; Adam is still considering the Darrington offer; Tom wants Helen to understand the damage she’s doing.

Radio Times: Tom and Kirsty look to the future.

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  • Debbie hasn’t enjoyed dealing with the deer very much. But must be better than the idea of Lynda’s Christmas show which is being advertised in the village shop – it’s a Christmas Carol. The trouble in the Commons was shocking but people are angry. Some people are prepared to go to prison over it. Debbie isn’t sure whether she would join them. But if Lynda gloats, she and half the village will let her know what’s what.
  • Tom and Kirsty discuss their future with Ruth over very large mouthfuls of burgers. They try to explore opportunities for Tom’s expansion but Kirsty isn’t sure if he wants all that management responsibility. Helen isn’t getting any better. She’s not eating anything. Maybe it’s just a way of not thinking about anything for Helen. Tom tried to tell her how it was making Pat feel but she wasn’t listening. Tom doesn’t want Pat to get the way she was after John again. She doesn’t deserve that. Helen really needs help.
  • George is shocked to hear that Adam is interested in joining the Darrington team. Oh well, means he has the chance to hang the carcases in the cold room anyway…. Even though, of course, Debbie was pleased to have the chance to help.
  • There is a difficult calving at Brookfield. But in the meantime, Ruth really wants to talk to David about the milk sales. She has heard that several farmers are pulling out of the cooperative. That means that Brookfield has to pull out too. Even though she doesn’t think it’s right in the long run. Sometimes though, you have to go with the flow.

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