Has Tom made a breakthrough? Helen agrees to go again to the hospital.

Radio Times: Tom performs an act of heroism.

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  • Phil is making a start on the Brookfield garden, by digging in compost. He is pleased that Pip has joined a choir at school and is going to try the clarinet. Elizabeth brings more compost, from Lower Loxley; she has taken Julia to collect her fan mail from a PO box in Borchester.
  • Tom has taken his sister to a peaceful park that has happy childhood memories for them both. She realises how horrible she has been and is sorry. They agree that their parents must let them make their own mistakes. Tom persuades her to keep the appointment at the hospital, if he takes her.
  • Phil has been to inspect Nigel’s vines which are doing well; the fact that they require a lot of effort just now is not a problem: it keeps him away from the office where his demanding mother is driving his wife round the bend. She wants more photographs printed but no longer needs to sign them the hard way, just stamp them. (Guess who paid for the stamp!) Elizabeth is very interested in the plans for David’s birthday – snowboarding.
  • Peggy is encouraging Pat to take care of herself when Tom returns with the good news. However, Pat must not mention it to Helen. Peggy’s wartime experience does not help her to understand; Pat explains the theory that starvation induces chemical changes in the brain and they are addictive. Pat is just focussing on the hope that Helen does not change her mind.

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