The church team pulls to victory as Eddie drops an expensive clanger.

Radio Times: Eddie hopes to pull for victory.

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  • It’s the day of the Tug o’War. Tom and Kirsty are preparing to pull for The Bull. Afterwards, Tom has Sunday lunch to look forward to – the full works, with Helen upstairs in her room; he wishes Mum wouldn’t do it.
  • Kenton is running a book on the outcome but cannot interest Clarrie, who is pulling for the Church. Alan is interested though, if he ever catches up with Kenton. Eddie has realised that his team have a problem: Neil has recruited the farrier, who is built like a brick s——– (Eddie!) – outhouse. Desperate measures are called for and Eddie drops a disappointed Kirsty in favour of Fat Paul.
  • Jolene is getting rather fed up with Sid’s sniping about cricket matters; the season is over after all. She is also fed up with her appearance and has decided to have plastic surgery on her eyes!
  • It’s all over with much shouting and Eddie’s team were worse than useless. Now Eddie has to pay not only his own forfeit but Fat Paul’s too. Clarrie is not too put out because they have just heard that Snatch Foster has got a two year sentence – it could so easily have been Eddie.
  • Alan is busy collecting the forfeits from the losing team. Tom pays up and reports that he has had some success with Helen but, in a way, mum is worse.
  • Sid is dead against Jolene’s proposed surgery, though mainly because he wants her about to help win the regional pub of the year award. When Alan finally catches up with him, Kenton finds that he has both Alan and Sid to contend with. There is no way out and he agrees to donate his ill-gotten gains to the bell rope fund.

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