Ruth’s faith in the co-op to sell their milk is unshakeable.

Radio Times: Ruth sticks to her guns.

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  • It’s Pip’s first day at secondary school and she looks very smart. While David continues to bemoan the cricket team’s performance (sans gnome) Ruth is thinking about birthdays – Josh’s and David’s; she will not be drawn on this but David is urged to keep the day free.
  • Tom comes home to find his mother looking up private eating disorder clinics, in spite of being dead against private medicine. He suggests that they visit one, together; uncharacteristically, he does not want to talk about sausages on the way.
  • Jill is tending one of her bee colonies; it’s a bit weak and wasps seem to be getting the upper hand. Ruth is helping but is called away when her new arrangement with another Mum to collect Josh and her child from playgroup falls apart; she has car trouble.
  • The birth of a new calf is an interesting sight for young Ben. Sam has arranged something for David’s birthday but it remains a secret for now. He challenges Ruth’s view on a direct supply contract for their milk but she stands by her commitment to the co-op.
  • Pip’s first day was a bit disappointing; none of her Loxley Barrett friends are in her class. Ruth expresses her annoyance that David has been ganging up with Sam and she deeply resents his suggestion that, by sticking to her support for the co-op, she is compromising the long-term finances of the farm.

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