Helen bites off Pat’s head again – the only thing she has bitten all day.

Radio Times: Tom gets a reality check.

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  • Tom is thinking of sausages – no change there then. Should he approach the new man at the supermarket straight away or let him settle. Helen thinks he should go for it but Pat would have preferred her attention not to have been diverted from eating.
  • Debbie has enjoyed a ride with Shula; it has blown the cobwebs away after a rather late girls’ night out. What about watching the cricket later? OK.
  • Mike has spent an hour getting tiles up onto Neil’s roof and is therefore not best pleased when Neil notices that they are a different colour and will all have to go back. Proving his point, Neil gashes his head on the scaffolding but the blood doesn’t show too badly on radio.
  • The cricket is not going well; Tom is convinced it is due to Darrington abducting the gnome. Shula offers her own head to be patted instead – is she taking this seriously?
  • At Bridge Farm, Mike has come to talk to Tony about their fishing day but makes himself scarce when Helen publicly bites off Pat’s head – again – for offering her tea and cake. Tom accuses his mother of interfering; if the doctor thought it was serious Helen would not have to wait two weeks for an appointment. Pat is afraid that, the way she is going, she might not have two weeks.

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