David and Alistair turn detective – over the missing gnome!

Radio Times: Helen hears some home truths.

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  • David and Adam are not impressed by Brenda’s radio piece on Lucky the gnome, and Alistair is worried that the whole thing is becoming a personal attack on Adam. David wonders if there’s a traitor in the camp, but Alistair is convinced that the Darrington team or even Kenton are behind it.
  • True to her word, Pat takes Helen to the doctor, where Helen is far from being an easy patient. She refuses to let Pat come into the consulting room with her – she’s not a child.
  • The woman doctor is sympathetic but firm when Helen is evasive on the subject of what she is eating, and insists she is coping. She resists the idea of an appointment at the Eating Disorders Clinic, saying there’s nothing wrong, and, as usual, is rude and aggressive towards Pat, saying she won’t keep the appointment; it’s a waste of time and resources. Pat breaks down completely, and, sulkily, Helen says she’ll go.

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