Pat puts her foot down, insisting that Helen sees a doctor.

Radio Times: Helen goes too far.

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  • Brenda’s been sent to interview Alistair about the kidnapping of Lucky the gnome, and she’s not amused. Kirsty’s fed up too – she’s going to the tree-planting, and Tom thinks it’s pointless. But she’s had a call from Emma. Brenda thinks everything’s all right between Emma and Will; Kirsty’s not so sure.
  • George has prepared the hole for the tree. Helen is tense and withdrawn, but anxious to get going. She makes a touching speech about Greg; Kirsty and Pat are moved to tears. The ceremony seems to help Helen until she tries to tidy up, and faints. Back home, Pat makes her drink some black tea, but even this is too much for Helen. Pat says she’s had enough; Helen is going to the doctor tomorrow – end of story.
  • Alistair is nervous about his interview, and Brenda has to help him out, without noticeable sympathy. But once he gets into his stride, he sounds quite passionate about the missing gnome. The cricket team won’t rest until Lucky’s back in his place at the Bull. Alistair is convinced that Darrington is responsible. When they hear, the Darrington team demand the right to reply, and Brenda gets the job, to her annoyance. Alistair thinks a bit of Paxman-like interviewing from Brenda will do the trick.

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