Pat discovers the truth – Helen is starving herself to take her mind off Greg.

Radio Times: Pat makes a shocking discovery.

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  • Pat sees a new side to Mike; he invites Tony fishing, to give him a break from the stresses of Helen and her problems. But Pat’s problems are far from over. She accidentally catches Helen weighing herself, and is appalled at how little she weighs. Helen admits it gives her something to think about, but the usual row ensues, with Helen telling Pat to leave her alone.
  • Alistair has received a ransom note for the missing gnome, complete with pictures of Lucky gagged and bound, and orders to ‘drop Adam Macey or the gnome gets it’. Adam is amused by that, but less amused when Debbie tells him he had no business to use a tractor to move caravans when she needed it for disking at Brookfield. In future, she says, he must check with her first. But he gets his own back when Debbie asks him to help with the drilling; Adam says he needs to see to the sheep, which are his area, and that he’s being conscientious, too.
  • A distressed Pat tells Tony about her row with Helen, blaming herself for yet another breakdown in their relationship. Tony is more phlegmatic; perhaps the starvation really is helping Helen to focus, or maybe the scales aren’t accurate. But Pat is inconsolable; she shouldn’t have spoken as she did.

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