Usha makes her choice but Ashok is not ready to give up his dream of a life in India.

Radio Times: It’s make or break for Usha and Ashok.

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  • Usha plucks up courage to tell Ashok she can’t live in India. He tries to tell her how much India means to him, and how they can make a new start there, but Usha’s firm – this is her home and she thinks they could make a good life together here. Ashok realises he’s got to make a choice between Usha and India. Very upset, he tells Usha how much he loves her – but they both realise that’s not enough. It just wasn’t meant to be. Ashok leaves, and a tearful Usha reaches for the phone to talk to Ruth.
  • Brian wants to iron out problems and possible conflict on the farm. Debbie’s response is predictably prickly and defensive. With unaccustomed diplomacy, Brian suggests that Debbie should be responsible for all the arable, and Adam for all the other enterprises, the strawberries, sheep and deer. Adam’s not sure; the arable is much the biggest in cash terms. Well, says Brian lamely, that might change if the strawberries continue to do well, and in any case, they’re a team, with no one senior to others. Adam doesn’t seem convinced, but at least he asks Debbie for a drink at the Bull.
  • At the Bull, Usha goes to buy the drinks, and David offers to make a tactful withdrawal, leaving the girls to talk over Usha’s problems, but they’re interrupted by Adam and Debbie, and the talk turns to Sam’s ideas about milk prices. Ruth fights her corner, without much support. But milk prices and broken engagements are as nothing compared to the latest Ambridge crisis; Lucky the Gnome has been stolen.

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