A difficult choice for Usha; she loves Ashok but feels that she cannot live in India.

Radio Times: Usha faces a big decision.

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  • Pat’s increasingly concerned over Helen’s weight loss, and her growing weakness. Helen doesn’t seem to realise how ill she’s looking. When Kirsty tells her about Will and Emma moving into Greg’s old cottage, Pat can’t think how to tell her. Kirsty offers to do it; it might help Helen to see it as moving on.
  • It’s a busy Bank Holiday at Brookfield, and Ruth feels guilty at not taking the children out. They’re all going to make a scarecrow for the Flower and produce Show after Ruth has tried out the new milking parlour with Sam.
  • Ruth’s plans are interrupted by a worried Usha. She’s decided that, no matter how much she loves Ashok, or how much her family want her to marry and have children, she just can’t face the thought of living in India, away from everything familiar. Although this might be her last chance to settle down and have children, the strain of it all might put their marriage under stress.
  • Kirsty wants to come to the tree planting in Greg’s memory and Helen seems happy about it. She thinks it might be a bit of closure. Kirsty seizes the moment to tell her about the cottage. Helen’s upset, but says it’s nothing to do with her now and Greg would have wanted Will to have it.
  • Sam thinks Brookfield should withdraw from the Co-Op to make more money on their milk. David’s not sure – Ruth’s so committed to the principle of farmers’ co-operatives. Well, says Sam, if his principles meant that he was losing 20 grand, he might think differently.

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