Emma phones home.

Radio Times: Clarrie comes back down to earth.

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  • Memories of the wedding are still occupying the thoughts of the families concerned. Clarrie’s none too sure about the vacuum cleaner Alf sent the happy couple, and is upset that Edward didn’t phone to wish his brother luck. The cottage seems so empty now, with both her boys away. Eddie is less than sympathetic; perhaps they’ll get some peace now.
  • Susan continues to fuss. Emma still hasn’t phoned, and Christopher is still determined on becoming a farrier. Neil isn’t too sympathetic, either. He thinks Emma and Will can sort their own lives out, and as for Christopher, he’s got a trade and a wage packet. What does he want with A levels? Mike arrives to say that Emma has phoned, and will call back.
  • At the Bull, the cricket team is celebrating. It must be thanks to Eddie’s finding the missing lucky gnome – but that doesn’t do much to persuade Mike to buy him a pint. Susan tells Clarrie all about the phone call. She can’t remember when Emma sounded so happy. This news just makes Clarrie miss Edward more, and to make matters worse, Eddie says the Tug-O’-War team is men only. But Neil comes to the rescue; he’ll be delighted to have Clarrie on his team.
  • When Kirsty hears that Will and Emma are moving into Keeper’s Cottage, she’s appalled. Has anyone told Helen? She’ll need time to get used to the idea. Well, says an unsympathetic Mike, she’ll just have to hear on the grapevine, like everyone else.

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