A tug-of-love for Phoebe and Julia’s getting much more involved in the care of the twins.

Radio Times: Betty says thanks, but no thanks.

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  • Lower Loxley is now almost completely baby-friendly, even Julia’s been taking careful notes and is starting to take a more hands-on rôle in the twins’ day-to-day routine. The christening date isn’t set, but Freddy will get the Pargetter gown, Julia was adamant on that score, but Lily will use the Archer one, so there aren’t too many issues there. Jill’s still living in, but is set to decide whether to return home this weekend.
  • The Aldridges are back and Jennifer’s straight round to the shop to see Phoebe, who’s being minded by Betty until Roy arrives to take her home for tea. Jennifer’s keen to spend as much time with her grand-daughter as possible, but Betty’s a little reluctant to have too much disruption so tomorrow afternoon is fine, but the whole weekend is not on.
  • Roy (and Hayley) take Phoebe home for her tea. Hayley’s trying to get Josey (her main employer) to agree to let her mind Phoebe occasionally as well as Henry, Josey’s son – they’ll discuss it next week. That would be a weight off Roy’s mind – as is the lack of regrets for yesterday’s conversation. As they seal it with a kiss, though, Phoebe interrupts by stuffing a sandwich in Daddy’s pocket ….