Eddie draws a line in the sand with regard to their problems.

Radio Times: The Grundy’s take advice.

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  • Eddie’s leaving the Home Farm lambs early so as to be able to meet with Ted Burns, the local representative of the Tenant Farmers’ Association. Brian’s a little surprised, seeing as yesterday, Eddie was full tales of woe and of needing all the hours available.
  • Simon’s leaving for home, having spent the last few weeks at Home Farm. Brian’s obviously pleased to see the back of him, although Debbie’s too busy to really notice! Jennifer’s looking forward to having Phoebe for the day tomorrow, although she’s a little concerned that Hayley, who has no public connection to either family, seems to be spending more time with the child than they are.
  • Ted Burns, despite the Grundys’ best efforts, doesn’t have much hope for the future. Bankruptcy seems the only way forward and, with that, would go the tenancy and the Grundy tenure, going back generations, would be lost – something none of them, Joe especially, want to see.