Eddie’s hoping to get lots of advances and Phoebe’s being passed from pillar to post.

Radio Times: Jennifer puts her foot down.

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  • Problems pile on to problems for Clarrie as the van won’t start. But a quick spray of WD40 does the trick, although she’s not convinced that Eddie’s latest brilliant idea is going to solve their wider problems so easily. Her faith in his brilliant ideas has been her undoing for 20 years! Eddie’s reasoning is that Brookfield was happy to advance him five hundred quid against the work he’d be doing for them in the coming year, so if 16 of his regular contract employers were to do the same … Clarrie, though, is not convinced.
  • Another day for Phoebe in the shop as Mike’s busy elsewhere. Betty cannot cope though and Jennifer is keen to have the chance to spend time with her grand-daughter. Betty’s not keen, but can’t really refuse.
  • Eddie puts his plan to Debbie, who is as unconvinced as Clarrie suspected, but Brian’s in a generally good mood, and he’s going to try …
  • Roy’s not happy with the idea of Phoebe going to Home Farm for the day, but realises that he’s being unreasonable. Hayley’s not sure that Josey will agree to her looking after Phoebe, too and he concedes that Jennifer’s unease with her looking after is because of the lack of publicity about her and Roy change in relationship. On that not Betty offers to babysit on Thursday so that they can go out together to do something – anything, just together!