Julia’s still not keen on messy babies and Jennifer’s not happy with Hayley looking after Phoebe.

Radio Times: Julia has become an expert.

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  • The middle of the night at Lower Loxley and Lizzie’s feeding Lily and Freddie’s grumpy – but Julia’s on hand to help! Although she had to get herself suitably attired even at that hour! Lizzie’s pleased that Julia’s taking a more active rôle, even if she isn’t much use when the babes are messy – running a mile when Freddie regurgitates on the shawl that she knitted (the one that Susan knitted, but she doesn’t know that Nigel and Lizzie know that). Janet visits to discuss the possible christening dates – late April it seems. Jill has returned to Brookfield and seems almost disappointed to hear that life at Lower Loxley can succeed without her continued presence!
  • Janet and Jennifer discuss the proofs of the village photograph taken over New Year – it a good shot, with plenty of talking points – like how much Josh looks like his great-grandfather (who was 3 in the shot taken in 1900) and what exactly was Jack doing in the shot?!
  • Phoebe’s spending the day at Home Farm, which pleases Jennifer. She’s less pleased, though, at the thought of Hayley minding her when Roy returns to college. If Betty’s concerned at Jennifer looking after her (as she was yesterday) then why is Hayley ok? Brian can’t see the problem, Hayley’s a qualified nanny after all, but Jennifer is not happy.
  • Brian is less happy with Eddie’s request for an advance – while problems almost exist for the Grundys, if it’s so bad now, what’s going to happen in March, when the next rent cheque is due?