Eddie’s heading back to the loan shark.

Radio Times: Eddie has only one option.

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  • Clarrie’s at work in the dairy and Eddie’s there to ask Tony whether he’d be willing to pay him an advance on the work he’ll do this year … the answer is a resounding no. Pat’s suspicious though, what with Clarrie trying to do as many hours everywhere as she can, but Clarrie lets on nothing beyond saying that the problems are no worse than normal.
  • Lewis and Nigel are discussing Lower Loxley’s transformation into a tourist destination and the ideas for the café and souvenir shop. Later he visits Jennifer to discuss Awkright Hall – who’s a busy architect, then?
  • Eddie’s at the end of the line (again). He’s asked everyone he can and the deadline for the bankruptcy is approaching fast …. Thursday, in fact (21 days from the serving of the notice). He wants to go back to Mike Butcher the loan shark and Clarrie’s generally opposed, but what choice do they have?