The gallery is doing well – but Lizzie’s not happy and Brookfield will stay crowded for even longer thanks to woodworm.

Radio Times: Shula has good advice for Siobhán.

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  • David’s in a bit of a bad mood – he’s under general time pressure with jobs around the farm, not helped by having to go get some new gilts (for the pig expansion which he’s still got doubts about) and childcare problems (with Jill’s first priority being the twins). Jill’s also worried that she’s being taken a little for granted by David and Ruth – and that Brookfield would fall to pieces if it wasn’t for her. Phil reminds her, though, that they’ve five healthy grand-children and that, compared to the Grundys, say, they’re doing alright.
  • Shula visits Siobhán to pass on some details on horse-riding and they discuss babies. Shula tells of her history – IVF, ectopic pregnancies and Mark’s death (which Siobhán had no idea about) and Siobhán tells of the miscarriage (which Shula had heard about) and that that would have meant a Feburary birth. She’s been getting frustrated that she’s still not managed to get pregnant again, Shula recomends she stop trying properly – but the twins, while adorable, are reminders of her loss.
  • Lizzie’s walked to the gallery, which is doing great business under Julia’s guidance (and Lewis’ advice) although Lizzie’s not amused at some of the alterations to her masterplan.
  • Bad news for Phil: Jason’s found woodworm in Woodbine Cottage and it’s been declared unsafe and there’s no telling when the affected beams will be replaced – and, because it was an existing problem, the insurance from the accident won’t cover it.