Sid’s playing away, but Clarrie thinks of home. Roy and Hayley are having childcare problems.

Radio Times: Jolene wants more.

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  • Kathy’s not happy that Jason’s left Woodbine Cottage unfinished – the building site is straight out of her window. Freda Fry’s not worried about her home being rebuilt, she’s happy in the bungalow. For Clarrie, though, the thought of eviction is a real one …
  • Kathy’s having to cope with opening up on her own as Sid’s, erm, at the gym. Well, Sid’s getting some exercise and with his regular gym partner, but it’s in Jolene’s bedroom, not the gym … he’s late returning and tries to convince Kathy that she’d remembered the time wrongly. He has, though, returnined minus his coat.
  • Roy and Hayley, setting off for an evening out, can’t seem to leave Phoebe settled, but Betty takes over and shoos them away to spend time together. Unfortunately, Hayley’s not going to be able to look after Phoebe during the day when Roy returns to college and he’s not sure how he’s going to cope for however long it’s going to be before Kate returns. While they should be having a “date” the subject of Phoebe dominates and The Bull is not exactly jumping, so they head back to the flat to curl up in front of the TV!