Sid and Jolene are spotted, but the Grundys trudge further down the road towards ruin.

Radio Times: Another nail in the coffin

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  • Simon’s getting a little fed up that Debbie’s not rearranging her (and the farm’s) life to make his less lonely, but she’s not buying any of it. They go for lunch in the Bull and are discussing this when Jolene comes in to give Sid his coat … Sid jumps a mile and isn’t happy she called, but they want to see each other again. Meanwhile Simon noticed, although fails to convince Debbie of his theory …
  • Joe’s ready to meet the bailiffs with a shot gun, but no-one arrives. The last chance saloon, though, is closed – Mike Butcher, the loan shark, refused to lend them the money. Joe’s very down, seeing the writing on the wall, and even Eddie, sometimes the rock, sometimes the clown, has the confidence ebbing away.