Clarrie refuses help from her sister and news that Kate might be returning.

Radio Times: Eddie want’s a loan again, naturally.

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  • Eddie goes up to Home Farm to work – despite lambing having finished. He convinces Debbie that she asked him, but she’s not falling for it after today. Jennifer is slightly surprised that Debbie’s at work not with Simon, on his last weekend before term, but she’s got the farm to worry about!
  • Peggy and Jack are back from their holidy on Guernsey visiting Lillian – who is very well and enjoying life with her several toy boys.
  • Eddie wonders whether Clarrie’s sister Rosie might be able to help, but an embarrassing and teary phone call later answers that question. While she offered her savings – they’d only be a drop in their ocean and Clarrie refused anyway. An angry Clarrie suggests that facing the realities has got to be their next stage.
  • Kate calls and is planning to return overland, so she might well be back soon – but not for a few weeks (at least).