The prospect of Kate’s return doesn’t please Roy so much.

Radio Times: Grandad is lumbered.

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  • The business of minding Phoebe is taking it’s strain at Willow Farm as everyone’s having to work – not that minding is a chore, but it’s a costly one as Mike misses some work instead. Jennifer doesn’t seem to have quite the same ethic, but will take her tomorrow as planned, despite it not quite fitting into her hectic schedule.
  • Sid and Jolene are working out together – in the gym this time. She promises to try and get them an evening out – with Kathy’s blessing. He’s adamant that he needs to get home this time, though.
  • Sid mentions that Roy and Hayley are an item and Jennifer reacts a little strangely to the news.
  • The news of Kate’s possible return filters through to the Tuckers, even in it’s maybe, possibly, soon vague way, Roy’s not sure that he’s happy with the news. Phoebe has become so much a part of his life now that giving her back might not be so easy.