Roy’s keen to hold on to Phoebe and the twins receive their public

Radio Times: Elizabeth needs the message on a T-shirt.

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  • Ruth and David are off to collect some new boars and Jill’s off to help Lizzie on her first expedition to the supermarket with the twins, so Phil’s left in charge of Josh. When the three new boars arrive, they’re very well behaved and Phil’s remarks that they’re so much more civilised than small boys, loaded remark, that one!
  • Meanwhile, the trip around the supermarket has involved every other shopper gawping at the twins (“No, they’re no identical” and “Double trouble!” is wearing thin)- including Hayley, in town to drop Marjorie at outpatients for a check-up ahead of her other eye being operated on in a few weeks. It Hayley’s first glimpse of the twins and she loves ’em – and her buying nappies for Phoebe doesn’t go unnoticed …
  • Roy and Hayley are washing Phoebe and the matter of Kate’s return comes up. Hayley is fairly strident that Kate shouldn’t be allowed to just waltz back in and take Phoebe back, although Roy’s not convinced that Ambridge is going to see its wandering daughter any time soon, no matter what her phone message said.