Lower Loxley can expect a transformation and the Grundys are still waiting for their summons.

Radio Times: Who’s that girl with Tommy?

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  • Lewis is outlining his plans for Lower Loxley to Nigel, showing how a few minor alterations – a shrub here, a tree there – would maximise the throughput into the new café and shop and make best of their desire to part the visiting punters from the pennies while also minimising the amount of work and red-tape to actually get it down. Nigel’s hoping to open the new look Lower Loxley to an eager public at the (second) May Bank Holiday.
  • Life’s busy at the dairy, although Clarrie’s mind is elsewhere. She tells a visiting Jill that they’ve still not heard amount their summons even though the 21 days was up last week. Pat, though, knows nothing (which is as Clarrie wants it) but suspects that something is up.
  • Lizzie is getting fractious, especially with Nigel seeming to suggested (he wasn’t though) that looking after wailing infants wasn’t work. She’s impressed with the outline sketches (and with Lewis and Nigel’s ability to quieten the twins). Lewis recomends the same builders who did the roof to do the work – notable as much for the fact that its building work performed by someone who isn’t Jason!
  • Something is up with Tommy, though. He’s trimming leeks (a terrible job), apparently having been blackmailed by Tony after being spotted with a tall blonde that wasn’t Kirsty …