Joe and Eddie finally get served with their bankruptcy order and Sid and Jolene’s shower scene is a damp squib.

Radio Times: Sid has some afternoon delight.

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  • Phoebe’s hard work but Mike’s not really complaining too much. He has got work to do but minding his grand-daughter isn’t so much of a chore.
  • Joe’s feeling a little off colour and the fact that the bankruptcy petition has (finally) been served on them was probably the cause. As he and Eddie try to read it Tony calls by and, while offering Eddie some work, gets short shrift from Joe, who thinks he’s snooping (which, in a way, he was).
  • Sid and Jolene’s infamous (if you’ve read the British media in the last week) shower, not so interestingly Hitchcock-ian nor unrestrained steamy passion as confirming the programme as a soap opera. The most exciting thing was Sid demanding coal tar soap, nothing flowery scented that Kathy might get suspicious at. Jolene, though, is not starting to be distinctly dis-approving of his giving his wife higher priority than her …
  • Kathy, though, is livid when Sid returns to the pub 45 minutes late. They’re busy and she’s fed up with his excuses. Meanwhile, over a pint, Mike tells Tony that he’s chuffed with Roy and Hayley (although Tony had obviously not heard) – and that he spotted Tommy with a blonde the other day …
  • Joe and Eddie, over a drop of their own cider, contemplate their future. The value of the Jersey herd would be enough at market to cover their debt, but without the milk cheque there’d be no income (nor overdraft) – but the bankruptcy petition on February 21st (although Joe actually said Monday 20th) looms large and there’s an air of resignation hanging over the farm. Joe’s life’s work in apparent tatters.