Phoebe’s minding is still an issue and Grange Farm’s options seem to be closed as soon as they’re open.

Radio Times: Clarrie says, “You can’t do that.”

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  • Roy’s birthday is coming up, but all he really wants a little time to spend with Phoebe and Hayley and, thanks to Jennifer breaking a tooth, he gets to spend some extra time with Phoebe and he’s not happy with having to miss lectures. Jennifer’s keen to see more of her grand-daughter, but isn’t so willing to put herself out – something which Hayley was only too keen to offer to do. The concensus is that Kate’s not going to be back for a while too.
  • In the shop, Kathy’s moaning about Sid – strange that the original motivation for his exercise regime, so he could keep up with Jamie, seems to have been lost. Meanwhile talk of Roy and Hayley at least gives the gossip a happy tinge for once.
  • At Grange Farm, the idea of liquidating some of their assets – selling part of the herd – is still a consideration. For Eddie at least. Clarrie points out that while the feed bill is of immediate concern, they owe plenty to other sources. Later, Joe and Eddie ponder on selling their good tractor (a couple of grand, at least) and Joe’s eyes fall on Baby Spice. Posh Spice fetched a thousand pounds, but as an eaves-sropping Clarrie points out, they still owe William that and they can’t do it again. While the bankruptcy might be the end of their road, the boys are only just starting out and Baby Spice is not to be sold!