Sid, playing the loving husband, is finding lying all too easy.

Radio Times: Sid gets Kathy mobile.

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  • Kathy’s birthday dawns to flowers and breakfast in bed. Not to mention Sid having remembered a dress that Kathy had seen in the sales. She’s delighted (as is Jamie) and Sid “confesses” that that was why he was late during the week. A sheepish Kathy seeks forgiveness. She a little more surprised by his next gift – his and hers mobile phones …
  • Pat’s visiting John in the graveyard and stops to talk with Joe, who’s visiting Susan. He’s ruminating on life and how his has been mostly nasty, brutish and short. When she asks if times are especially bad, he clams up though.
  • Jennifer calls round to drop off some picture books for Phoebe. Betty and Roy take the opportunity, with the lack of any new information about Kate’s return, whether she’d be willing to commit to certain days each week so they can get Phoebe into a routine. She seems a little hesitant, but agrees that she’ll take her every Thursday and Friday.
  • As Kathy enjoys a “surprise” birthday tea (Jamie’s idea), Sid sneaks off to use his mobile phone … “Hello, sweetheart. Guess who?”