No solutions for Eddie and Sid’s starting to get jumpy.

Radio Times: Jolene offers what she can.

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  • With William’s birthday coming up next week, his parents are searching around for ideas that won’t break the bank (or what little that’s not broken already). It’s his 17th, but driving lessons are out of the picture. Clarrie’s not amused at the thought that a lottery win might be around the corner.
  • Sid and Jolene are enjoying another afternoon’s delight when his phone rings … and only one person has his number …
  • David and Debbie discuss some design ideas for the branding of their line of Hassett Hills lamb products.
  • Eddie meets with Jolene in the Cat to discuss money – she’s a last resort. (She can’t help – not having those sums lying around.) Meanwhile Clarrie’s looking for him to deal with a cow and she’s not pleased to find him in a pub – although he does tell her what he was doing there.