A stoic Siobhán is happy to see the twins and a re-think on the Bridge Farm shop?

Radio Times: Tony gets an offer he can refuse.

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  • Siobhán mentions in passing that she was having trouble getting hold of decent organic vegetables in the area – which prompts Pat to wonder whether it might not for worth re-thinking their farm shop, Tony’s not convinced though. They talk about a speech of Tony Blair’s and his plans for the future – although not convinced that it’s not too little, too late for some farms, like Grange Farm, who are struggling now and can’t wait for the brighter new tomorrow that’s being promised.
  • Eddie tries to sell his tractor to Tony – who’s not interested. He is surprised, though, that Eddie would want to part with the tractor that he uses for much of his contract work.
  • The developments are in full swing at Lower Loxley, a tree-top walk in the woods and the pig-stys being cleared out ahead of their stocking with rare breeds. They’ve even appointed a shop manager.
  • Siobhán’s over to visit Lizzie and the twins (who’d been to a meeting of the Twins Club in Borchester – a very rewarding experience for Lizzie, knowing that she’s not alone, and the realisation of how privileged her situation is). Lizzie’s worried, though, because it would have been around now that Siobhán’s baby would have been due. When she mentioned this, Siobhán’s touched at her concern.