Roy’s birthday is a fun one and Siobhán’s looking on the bright side of being childless (for the moment).

Radio Times: Roy has a birthday. Siobhán manages without.

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  • It’s Roy’s birthday and his afternoon is going to be spent with his daughter, with Betty baby-sitting tonight when he and Hayley celebrate.
  • Tim and Siobhán are out for a walk and find themselves on a footpath through a field of new Home Farm lambs – where they bump into Debbie and Roy walking with Phoebe. They wander on, as Roy and Debbie discuss Kate and whether she’s actually going to return from her “holiday” any time soon.
  • Later, Tim and Siobhán are having a meal out and relaxing. She appreciates the fact that there are no children around and that while she really would like one, the fact that they don’t (especially when they compare themselves to Nigel and Elizabeth) does have compensations.
  • Roy, celebrating his 22nd birthday on 2/2/2000, is treated to a great meal at Hayley’s where they’re enjoying just being together. It’s all sweet and smoochily romantic as he tells her that he’s interested in more than just her child-minding skills.