Adam hears some fairly bad news.Clarrie hears some bad news. Sid hears some very bad news.

Radio Times: Clarrie gets into some family politics.

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  • Clarrie is still worried that Ed won’t feature in Great Aunt Hilda’s will, and goes on at length about it to Eddie. Eventually she decides to phone Eddie’s cousin Ralph to see what the situation is.
  • Brian catches up with paper work at the kitchen table, and makes a rather unconvincing offer of help to Adam. He wonders about taking Ruairidh to Lords next week, with the Ambridge Cricket team, but Adam points out that it won’t be suitable for children.
  • Clarrie’s phone call does nothing to cheer her up. GAH’s will was made in 1983, before Ed was born, so he’ll get nothing. Clarrie is convinced this will lead to another major feud between the brothers.
  • Fallon tells Sid that she’s offered Ed a day’s work next Sunday. Sid flatly refuses to countenance it, so Fallon tackles Jolene. She says it’s fine, so a grumpy Sid is forced to back down.
  • Brian manages to get Ruairidh invited to Lower Loxley for the day of the Lord’s trip, so he’ll be able to go. Adam doesn’t quite share Brian’s delight. Brian shows Ruairidh the deer being foddered, and is proud of his son’s understanding.

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