Adam is not happy that Debbie is being sent to Hungary. Bruno continues to be trouble and Kenton promises to start back at Jaxx

Radio Times: Kenton finds himself at a loose end.

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  • Emma is not impressed with Kenton being back. He’s not pulling his weight and he’s just getting in the way. She presses him for a date when he will come back to work and he agrees to Monday.
  • Oliver seems to think Bruno has calmed down a bit. But then they find out he’s decided to take the LandRover. They try to track him down but without much luck. Caroline decides they need to call the police. But before they do Bruno turns up. Oliver tries to stay calm but Bruno says he needed to get his Playstation.
  • Brian seems to be being nice to Adam – the lamb percentages are excellent. Then Adam finds out why. She’s off to Hungary for a couple of weeks. Adam isn’t impressed. Brian tries to make out it’s just because it happens that Debbie is better qualified which he grudgingly accepts.
  • Adam complains to David about how devious Debbie is being about her change of heart over the Hungarian venture. When it comes to the crunch Debbie and Brian sort things out for themselves. David advises him to forget about the politics. Just to get on with his own stuff. Meantime David is planning what to give Sid at the cricket club dinner – a tankard seems a safe bet.

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