Sam returns to a dairy problem; Caroline’s problem absconds for the night.

Radio Times: Caroline attempts a bonding session.

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  • Caroline’s peace is disturbed by Bruno’s noisy computer game. She can only get his attention by standing in front of the screen. It’s a nice day, so how about a horse ride? She cannot persuade him to have anything healthy for breakfast but he cheekily orders a bacon sarnie.
  • Ed is not so keen on the unhealthy fry-up served to him by Eddie. Beth is still sleeping off last night’s binge and Ed has plans to rejoin her; but first, Eddie needs some help collecting logs.
  • Sam is back, full of his recent winter holiday. He will be at work tomorrow but is already interested to hear about the case of mastitis and another dairy problem.
  • Caroline warns Bruno that if he grips with his calves, the horse will take it as a signal to go! That is exactly what Bruno wants but he has to learn to walk before he runs. Sheila, his social worker is due tomorrow and Caroline hopes to have some progress to report. She again raises the subject of prison visiting but Bruno is adamant: he is not going into that prison.
  • William is out for a walk and comes across Eddie and, of course, Ed who goads him about the football. Voices are raised, within earshot of the approaching riders. Caroline succeeds in steering Bruno away.
  • Back at Brookfield, Sam is at a loss to explain why so few cows are coming on heat; there should be about six a day. The yield is still good, so there cannot be a serious problem.

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