George dies suddenly while out walking on Lakey Hill.

Radio Times: David makes a tragic discovery.

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  • Emma is rushed off her feet and Kenton is doing nothing to help; no change there, then. He is bent on ringing old flames. He is coerced into clearing a table and he has a word for Jill and Christine who have been out shopping. Christine suddenly has a very odd feeling.
  • Out in the Country Park, Phil and David are discussing Nigel’s latest interest – hedge laying; he’ll do anything to get away from Julia. Their conversation is cut short when the find Walt, George’s dog. But where is George?
  • Kenton has now turned his attention to Brenda, although she is not the only customer he has flirted with. When Emma tears him away to help her, Brenda makes her sit. She needs a day off, so take one; just tell Kenton. It’s Brenda’s birthday on Friday, so why don’t they paint the baby’s room.
  • An ambulance is on its way. There was nothing they could do for George but he looked peaceful. He chose a beautiful spot. David and the faithful Walt stay with him while Phil goes to break the news to his sister.
  • Kenton continues to be a pain, so Emma just tells him she will not be in Friday or Saturday. Beth will still be there, so he can cope. He has no choice.
  • When Phil arrives at Glebe Cottage, Chris knows straight away that his news was of George. They drive to Lakey Hill because she wants to see him before they take his body away – just a few quiet moments alone with him. Phil looks on, wondering how she will cope. They were soon to move into the bungalow; the fire took everything; they only had each other left.

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