Neil has a cash flow problem that threatens completion of the house.

Radio Times: Ambridge comes to terms with a loss.

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  • Poor George. He was a lovely man. He will be missed. For Neil, his thoughts are whisked away from such reminiscences by his mobile. A big cheque has bounced and he needs to sort out why or his house will be delayed. A discontented Jazzer is left to finish the pigs alone.
  • Jolene has been to see Christine and it has touched her; how quickly life can be turned upside down. A hug from Sid improves her spirits. Maybe now that Kathy has told Pat, she will see more of Sid. But Kathy seems to be failing to look after Jamie, so he will have to sort that problem first.
  • Even though they are both fed up with Neil, Mike and Jazzer are happy to have a drink with him. They think about George and wonder whether the firebombing (by “that nutter”) had hastened his end.
  • Taking Jamie back, Sid is perturbed to find Kathy sitting in her coat. She admits to having forgotten to get Jamie’s supper yesterday – he got it himself. Sid’s offer to come and cook dinner tomorrow is enthusiastically accepted.
  • Susan is upset, though not surprised, over what people are saying about Clive. Emma has told her that Will has taken it badly: George has been a rock for him. Neil explains his cash flow problem; he will have to ask the bank to extend the overdraft. But what if they won’t? Susan is horrified that the house might not be finished. How much trouble are they in?

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